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Who or something is a TERRANER?

Let's look up in the lexicon:
Terra                Ter | ra [lat.] this; -: Earth, country (geographical).
Terraner            Ter | ra | ner this or this [majority]; -      
                                   earthlings, people on the planet Terra / earth, People from earth,
                                   earthborn human being as cosmopsychological expansion of the homo sapient
                                   and consequently also a future mankind's self-name and World-population.
                                   Tolerance belongs to the self-image of a Terraner opposite everyone
                                   human-race and religion (including corresponding minorities) on her/it
                                   earth, but also opposite every possible other intelligent life-form.
                                   draws a Terraner furthermore the extensive absence of himself arrogance and
                                   Prejudices from. In this respect, the concept Terraner marks this less expresses and
                                   religious appearance of the human race as rather a self-image
                                   each individual as living, into the variety of the cosmic processes integrated and
                                   at the moment still earthbound creatures.

Also the Science Fiction - literature delivers further explanations and information about this concept.

Why and how becomes to the TERRANER?

1. Turn into the Terraner:

Today, at the beginning of this 21. century - this 3. millennium after current calendar - is the mankind still very much unfortunately far from it, the wonderful thought, removes "TERRANER" also, to live. At first, an extensive reorientation is necessary in the psyche of most people. Because preventing about wars between individual "terranien" people is a total disarmament necessary - a disarmament this also the philosophy of individual and different races must include. We would have to lead war against the human psyche at first in order to create world-peaces, because not the arms or the bombs are the actual problem but the collective ideas, that an invention of annihilation-arms made possible first. Many people believe that one could simply remove the arms and bombs from our culture without to alter the human consciousness on that occasion, that led to her/its/their formation first. These people like to introduce itself/themselves as coincidence, mistakes or misfortune to arms and bombs - this is in no way unfortunately arms, however. We are actually viewed at the abyss of a possible annihilation of the entire life on the wonderful planet TERRA.

Possibly, this becomes through terror and dictatorship of individual countries and people. But these terrorists and dictators are at will exchangeable and are to often be found in so-called democracies also as government-heads. The problem remains the human psyche. Because it leave become the people they this of all possible first and that apparently also wants this everything so. The one, that always new, improved arms and bombs again invents. The others, that accept this tacitly.

That about finally is the bitter truth, that we necessarily must escape
To become TERRANER.

2. Each Terraner remains a member of its own terranien people nevertheless:

A Terraner must give up his/its nation, his/its national-feeling and his/its home-solidarity on that occasion in no way. Completely in the opposite - then every individuality of individual countries and people manages the planet Terra and the Terraner only in his/its totality. Only each individual must become conscious for itself that we all only this has a planet and can live durably only in unit and peaces after it in affluence and contentment. The way called "globalization" broadly is included certainly only another mistake, that really even would prevent one in peaces of united planets TERRA, if one him/it actually - as wished from some minorities - with all the consequence converted would become. Globalization, denationalization and deregulation must stopped and are inverted, in order to gain a lasting peace and in order to step with it also contrary to the impoverishment of the people. Globalization in the end-stage presupposes multi-cultural people without own culture and without own history and then should create an Eurasian-Negroid Slave-Race, that lets put up irresolutely with everything and serves only the welfare of the high finance. The in huge numbers naturalization of Outer-Europeans for example in Germany, to necessarily stop before this background, has, since through only the receipt of individual, individual cultures, with her/its/their variety, alternation and a wide people-spectrum, that can bring world to contentment and peaces permanently.
It is solely ideological craziness and if only because of that wrong, if demands and is propagated, that all cultures are same and must also therefore be treated immediately altogether. A multi-cultural, socially-utopian experiment of the mass-immigration only can therefore fail. Many speak of a "moral duty" that we Germans would have opposite immigrants, for example. There is not this duty. No law of the world forces us and other Europeans to pick up foreign cultures, and already not at all, if we endanger our own culture through it.
The forcible suppression of natural, historically rooted folklore brings war and annihilation over the world. It is a peaceful one all people together necessary to practice, interconnected with a respect, that the home, that guarantees identity and the individuality of each individual inviolably. Then, the step is no more wide to the Terraner and would be to be viewed as a mankind-historical development. A mankind simply must succeed to create a planet of the father-countries on him/it, every belief and every culture everywhere welcome is. This to omit each mission-activities before the background of course and to acknowledge the respective religion of the individual countries and regions as given. No power has the right consequently to suppress individual people or whole countries and to lead into a modern form of the slavery, just like which is practiced by the globalization-supporters today. So it is regarded as obvious that terranien people work together firmly together among each other through alliances, but no people, to submit another unconditionally, has. This especially is valid before the background of different religion-faiths. All people are among each other equivalent partners without giving up even on the own people. Consequently, Terraner are quite also patriots, who are proud not only of the blue planets, but itself also opposite the individual fatherland interconnected feels, but together each global exploitative-attempt fights. The racially biological differences between different people and the borders of a close nationalism enter fast into the background on that occasion. They are admittedly created then empires on a national basis at first, however, these leave behind itself very soon.

3. Terraner are also pacifists in order not to devastate the earth or, to destroy:

The blood, that was shed on this world since millennia, stands besides every relationship by the result of the conquest-results. In the distance, all wars were looked at uneffektiv and pointless. France remained in the end France, Germany remained Germany, Italy = Italy, Korea remained Korea, Iraq still is Iraq etc.. etc.. What dynastic egoism, political passion and patriotic blindness reached at apparent fundamental national changes from streams of blood, only the surface of the people always carved in national relationship, postponed her/its/their fundamental marking essentially hardly more, however. If these states would have estimated only one fraction of her/its/their victims for more clever purposes, so the success certainly would have been bigger and more lasting. Not war remedies the predicament, from which all people of Terra suffer, but the insight that at the place of the conflict, the together of the nations must step.
If one represents this opinion as Terraner with all the candor, then on the basis of the following realization: Every war consumes the selection of the best things at first. Since however, there is one empty area no more in the world, every victory - without to alter something at the fundamental historic need - will be able to bring along a numerical increase of the inhabitants of a state at most. If lies so much the people at it, however, then, they can this, instead of with force and tears, in a simpler and above all more natural way reaches. A healthy social policy can give more children of the own people with an increase of the birth-joyfulness of a nation in few years, as conquers through a war at foreign people and could be subjugated with it. Also the unsuccessful attempts to integrate immigrants in the own society always were useless until now and led to discord and unrest in a country. Even better, it therefore is to be given up each people-political view in principle. Because the earth is and remains a Many-People-Planet, that is available to all people as at present single habitat. Therefore - dear peace from deep-most inner, ideological convictions. Simply from the simple primitive realization, that no war would be been suitable to remedy the nature of our general historic need to increase these probably however. But this put task of ideal type doesn't become before fifty or maybe her/its/their fulfillment finds also hundred years. However I believe that the first steps already began into this only sensible direction and are led as world-wide action someday. I know that we all will still experience the first perceptible beginning of this big world-cataclysmic development. For what could one wish other as silence and peaces? If however, somebody says, that this is only the wish of the people, so one must give following answer for it: Only the leading ones and reigning often don't recognize the signs of her/its/their times and still wants convert her/its/their party-political ideologies with all the strength being available, but the people even never has desired itself a war! Only they, that finance him/it, win a war.

Only one society-order is ideally, that not only her/its/their values on power and profit but on
the conservation and increase of the quality of life of all the human being lines up. Goal has to be that machines reduce the working times of the human being further and not on and on on the basis of from higher production-numbers increases. What more and more products use, that can be paid by always less people.
Sensible, neat and intelligent politics, that are geared for the creation and the receipt of private-property, is important, tolerates all religions and belief-directions and fights above all for an absolute family-life. So, it is the gigantic means more meaningfully, that currently still for the integration-politics to the creation of immigration-states, to give the families of the own people, is used, then, there was also sufficiently depraved children and the thought of immigration and integration of foreign cultures. Mothers or fathers would have not to do both with meaningful family-support and could take care of a correct education of the children. The labor market would become simultaneous in accordance with is unburdened, the youth-crime would sink on virtually zero and confrontations with immigrants could be prevented.

The abolition of all political parties is the single solution in order to get out of the chaos. Only by it, the democratic degeneracy can be canceled. The return to the people-meeting on community-level and an posting of the mayors interconnected with it as a representative of the communities into the parliaments. The mayor is to be equipped with all necessary authorities, that necessarily are, to be practiced meaningfully and sensibly about the office and should be chosen again every 4 to 5 years. With good work, an unlimited number of reelections should be possible. With bad work, that is directional against the people, and the own interests puts in front, should however also an immediate deposition and is also a punishment, through majority-decision of the people, if necessary.
That is democracy, that worked well already before quite a lot thousand years. Z. B. with Celts and ancient Germans. In the dedication of the own life for the existence of the community, the coronation was all of victim-sense already at that time. Nobody strove for personal enrichment of his/its honorary office.

Not necessarily with what one the people-meetings under oaks and lindens today. “Thingplace” must keep away but quite the existing community and town halls as well as the parliaments should use.

A political differentiation between so-called lefts and rights should stop in principle, because this differentiation was made up by the enemies of a true democracy, in the intent, that to cleave people in the inside in order to master her/it/them better with it.
The mandate-bearers are in a true democracy, that they are only servants of her/its/their people, for itself the sovereign, whom the last word always is entitled, its conscientious. The institutions must be balanced so that the will and the national interest of the state-people come directly to the expression as a part of the world-population in the political action. However, the citizens on the other hand have also the duty to secure itself/themselves her/its/their rights to have a say if these become don´t approve somehow.

Homage rendering granted citizen-parties and as ceremony of organized duty-practices, a substitute for real democracy is just as few, like from above begun rallies after type of a "rebellion of the decent"; State-demonstrations rather belong into the repertoire of an equally-switched dictatorship anyway.

The world is no ware. The people don't live existed not for the capital but the capital for the economy and economy serves the economy and the economy the people. Act in accordance with and peace, unity, prevail it right, freedom and brotherhood among all people, world-wide. None obligatorily force into line of all people but an equally entitle life of the people under receipt leads everyone culture to the real agreement in the world one. The model with future is not the multi-cultural company but the principle of the people-community. A "world-government" under the dictatorship of the high finance will be able to never work because the people and cultures are no stupid, wild animals and are not to be depressed emotionally and mentally consequently.

Surely, these thoughts still are a dream at the moment. However Mr. “Friedensreich Hundertwasser” is supposed to have said once: "If one dreams alone, it is only a dream. If many dream together, that is the beginning of a new reality." And the best possibility, to realize dreams, is to wake up.

TERRA (the WORLD) needs the true peace and she anyway peace wants.

It is the task to take care one of each earth-citizen - TERRANER - of it everywhere. It never is too late for it...

Terraner.de - for peace, right and truth in the world


JKS / 02.2011